Their electricity bills are as high as their Christmas spirit.

It takes a special type of person to spend countless hours and possibly thousands of dollars on a grand light show for their home, and to those who do it, we commend you. The Christmas light display game over the years has turned into an Olympic sport at this point, with families battling it out to have the biggest show not only on their block, but also the Internet.

Oftentimes you see the classic Christmas carol synched to the light display, but for some, this is the time to showcase their love of all things EDM. It makes sense being that extravagant light shows and the genre go hand in hand. Dubstep is the clear standout choice for most of these homes, who craft shows that look like they belong in EDC.

Here are ten of the most jaw-dropping, outrageous EDM Christmas light show displays out there.

2015 Johnson Family Dubstep Christmas Light Show

Christmas Ping Pong – Larsens Light Show

2017 Star Wars Christmas Light Show – Dubstep EDM Cover of Darth Vader's Imperial March

Trista Lights 2016 Christmas Light Show

Avengers Remix 2020 Christmas Light Show (Approaching Nirvana)

Christmas Light Show – David Guetta – Titanium ft. Sia

Dubstep. Christmas. Together. Your'e Welcome.

Blinding Lights (The Weeknd) 2020 Christmas Light Show

Trista Lights – 2019 Christmas Light Show

2020 Litchfield Christmas Lights Dubstep


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Publisher: Katie Stone