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    Marketa Irglova has readied LILA, her first album in eight years. Ahead of its August 19th release date, the singer-songwriter has shared the first single, “My Roots Go Deep.” Listen to the track below.

    A lot has changed since Irglova released her last album, 2014’s Muna; besides the obvious political upheaval and global pandemic, she got married and had three children. Subsequently, LILA reflects these changes, with an overall emphasis on love and acceptance.

    As the artist puts it, “Simply sitting with things I can’t change, rather than trying to solve them or run away from them, has brought me into a deeper place in my heart and I am grateful for that.” Irglova recorded LILA with her partner, the producer Sturla Mio Thorisson, and worked with string player Marja Gaynor, Czech guitarist Peter Moc, and Venezulan percussionist Manuel Barreto.

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    In “My Roots Go Deep,” Irglova learns to settle down as soft piano builds to a sweeping climax. “I am letting down my roots/ I am getting good at being still,” she sings, as strings soar. “I can weather any storm/ ‘Cause my roots go deep.”

    The Icelandic artist explained the message behind the song in a statement, noting, “We can practice holding peace in any circumstance. Growing roots and becoming our own centre, attracting all that is in our highest good to come to us.“

    Watch the video for “My Roots Go Deep” below, and scroll onward for LILA‘s artwork and tracklist.


    Back in November, Irglova reunited with Glen Hansard for a 15th anniversary tour commemorating their breakout film Once.

    LILA Artwork:

    marketa irglova lila album artworkmarketa irglova lila album artwork

    LILA Tracklist:
    01. Love Stayed with Me
    02. Girl from a Movie
    03. High & Dry
    04. The Way
    05. My Roots Go Deep
    06. Remember Me
    07. Alchemy of Love
    08. The Season
    09. Know Yourself

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