Music duo Ancient Astronauts release soul anthem ‘Tebamanyi feat. MoRoots’

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Music production duo Kabanjak & Dogu, a.k.a Ancient Astronauts are back today with their latest release, single ‘Tebamanyi feat. MoRoots’ via their imprint Switchstance Recordings. The single will form part of their anticipated album ZIK ZAK, which is set for release on the 22nd of January 2021. Experience entrancing rhythm & flow that gets under your skin in the best way with this latest offering, along with the conviction and confident vocals of MoRoots that dominates with Ancient Astronauts noteworthy intentions for the message of this track, which is fierce authenticity.

Ancient Astronauts share their experience of working with MoRoots, “She has such an amazing voice and her lyrics are just pure honesty, nothing played or acted. She is just being herself. None of that fake artist character created for the world of Instagram and such, she is pure artistry and a phenomenal voice in one person.”

Stream/ download: ‘Tebamanyi’

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