News: Iconic Prophet-5 Synthesizer Remade & To Be Reissued By Sequential This Month

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In exciting news for musicians, producers, DJs and engineers everywhere, beloved synthesizer company Sequential – founded by American engineer Dave Smith – will be releasing new versions of the musician’s legendary synthesizer this month, the Prophet-5 polysynth.

In light of his 70th birthday, Dave Smith has referred to the remake / reissue of the famous analog Prophet-5 as a gift to synth lovers across the globe. Smith was the first person responsible for commercially releasing the very first microprocessor-controlled polyphonic synthesizer which first hit the markets in 1978.

The commercial use of the Prophet-5 changed the industry forever, as it was the first musical instrument embedded with a processor and allowed users to programme sounds as opposed to reprogramming them manually. The new reissue of the Prophet-5 Synthesizer will keep its original, classic wooden finish and design with all knobs staying true to the original; yet with the contemporary remade edition teeming with exceptional updates.

Boasting 200 built in factory presets (and the original 40 presets that came with the synths released in the 70’s) along with space available for your own personal 200 – the Prophet-5 remake allows for USB, MIDI, CV and Gate in/outs; so even the programming of your percussion will sound exceptional – tracked and live. For example, see the video below as Dave Smith discusses the history and return of the Prophet-5 – with the soundtrack provided entirely by the Prophet-5 and “Yes, even the drums.

Similar to the original design, the Prophet-5 will contain five voices which is exceptionally helpful in integrating presets with your own creations and vice versa. The synth also includes the classic two multi-waveform analog oscillators, making way for further experimentation regarding sound manipulation with the ebb and flow of dual oscillation. And of course, the Prophet-5 will contain aftertouch and velocity sensitivity.

Sequential will also be releasing the Prophet-10 synthesizer; with ten new voices instead of five. With the Prophet-5 reissue priced at a hefty $3,499 minimum and the Prophet-10 at $4,299: it is a little daunting… (we are all aware of the prices of music equipment versus the income the majority of musicians make.)

However the legendary synthesizers are of top-notch quality from the iconic Sequential which we all know and love, and just as the original Prophet-5 changed the way people created electronic music in the 70’s and 80’s, it will create a plethora of opportunities for us today.

Feature Image: Prophet-5 Vintage Synthesizer via Perfect Circuit

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