News: The Night Time Industries Association Has Warned Of A Rise In Illegal Raves As England Announces 2nd Lockdown

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PM Boris Johnson has announced that on November 5th, a second lockdown will be put in place. The Night Time Industries Association has warned that with a second lockdown, England has seen another rise in dangerous illegal raves.

Following the announcement of a national Lockdown on Saturday, we have seen an unprecedented increase in illegal events up and down the country. As predicted due to weather these have moved indoors in the many vacated business spaces and warehouses across the UK.

Michael Kill
Chief Executive
The Night Time Industries Association

As the Covid-19 pandemic sadly continues to rage on – with the Northern Hemisphere being battered by the disease with many countries in the region unable to manage the threat effectively or keep the virus spread under control; not only are we seeing an alarming rise in cases and fatalities as new waves are coming in the winter season, but in order to do everything they are able to, many governments across the UK and Europe are frantically going back into hard lockdowns and implementing a variety of severe restrictions in order to prevent the worst of the worst.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that from November the 5th, which is this coming Thursday – England will be entering into another lockdown, which will see all businesses deemed “non-essential” having their doors shut: along with the entire nightlife industry forced back into obscurity – with pubs being closed, as well as music venues and nightclubs still required to stay closed as they are unable to provide the safe spaces necessary in order to curb the virus.

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has warned that with the announcement of a second lockdown there has been a direct rise in illegal raves, which have already occurred multiple times throughout this year and now this past weekend – putting many people at risk due to reckless and unsafe behaviour.

Thousands of businesses across the Night-Time Economy and events sector remain closed, unable to open and present safe spaces for people to express themselves, whilst struggling to survive and protect the livelihoods of their staff while unsafe illegal events continue.

Michael Kill
Chief Executive
The Night Time Industries Association

The ways in which this disaster is being handled by those in the Northern Hemisphere specifically (aside from certain countries in the East) has been pathetic to say the least, and the complications surrounding the financial sector versus public safety, as well as the severe anxiety and fatigue of the population has become so nuanced that it is a difficult topic to discuss. Especially as we are seeing the economic sector as somewhat of an opponent to public health and safety, when we need to be working together.

Due to the actions of – mainly – younger people who are struggling to cope with the restrictions; it must still be noted that despite reckless behaviour, mental health issues and suicide have been on the rise, which in and of itself is a very serious issue that needs to be tackled – with real support and understanding for those who need help.

Young people are searching for alternatives to late-night venues, as they struggle to cope with continuing restrictions on their lives due to the pandemic, which is impacting their mental health and social well being.

Michael Kill
Chief Executive
The Night Time Industries Association

Over the weekend, law enforcement were forced to shut down a rave of at least 700 people in Bristol, and attempted to curb another 300 person event held in Wigan which was met with unrest from attendees. We have also covered a number of illegal raves that have occured over the past few months, and similarly to these – the footage has shown attendees with absolutely no health or safety precautions: specifically, people refusing to wear masks.

We urge all those in the midst of this struggle to please stay at home if you are able. Remember that there those who are more vulnerable than perhaps you, the reader, are including that of your loved ones and families – and that there are hundreds of thousands of people who can lose their lives due to your individual actions.

Finally, please wear a mask in public places. It’s extremely effective in curbing transmission, and quite frankly – really not that hard. Please.

Feature Image: Pim Myten via Unsplash

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