Party Favor waxed poetic about the dichotomy between perception and social media in a recent interview with Millennial Girls.

The dangers of social media are no secret. It is becoming one of the leading contributing factors to depression, especially in young people, and its corrosive effects on self-confidence are unparalleled. Social media users are consistently fed language that conjures feelings of "worthlessness, guilt, helplessness, and self-hatred that characterize depression as manifested in everyday life," according to the Special Interest Group on Computer–Human Interaction (SIGCHI).

Famed electronic music producer Party Favor recently sat down with Miami-based podcast Millennial Girls to chat about a number of timely topics, including the pitfalls of social media use and the importance of having a voice. "Whether you like it or not, your voice does matter," he asserted.

Among other themes, Party Favor went on to wax poetic about the dichotomy between perception and social media. "Everyone online is looking like they never could, and it's causing mental health problems," he said. "It's causing women to have eating disorders, and men too. It's causing mental breakdowns and all these problems, and it's terrible."

You can watch the full interview below.




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