The Monic Depression released one single, “Wondering Why” / “Midnight Hour”. I wish I could tell you more about the band but nothing is known at this point.

“Wondering Why” is an excellent original by K. Ellmer. The organ, guitar, bass and drums blend into a near-perfect garage sound, even if the record was made in 1969, as someone wrote on my copy.

Kevin Ellmer, Keith Ellmer, Ken Ellmer, Knox Ellmer?!

The flip is a good version of “Midnight Hour”

Teen Beat Mayhem lists the band’s location as possibly Virginia, while I’ve seen Pennsylvania on the internet, possibly Scranton.

Released on HRS 45-218, possibly HRS stands for a recording studio. Harrisburg?

I love the band name, was the spelling of Monic intentional or was it supposed to be Manic Depression?

Monic Depression HRS 45 Midnight Hour


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