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The Rev Jonny Kinkaid: Save Us from The Tory Scum (Raving Pop Blast!)

DL / Limited Lathe-Cut to Order 7″ single if you order before 20/3/21

In true 2021 music-journalism fashion, this is a product which reviews itself and contains truth which is self-evident. Ged Babey copy-and-pastes the press release.

Look who’s back! It’s The Rev Jonny Kinkaid. Bristol’s very own, Lo-Fi – Folk-Punk hero.

‘Save Us From The Tory Scum’ – is a song for these times.

Did you support the headline-grabbing ‘Boris Johnson Is A…’ ‘song’ a while back? Lazy, unimaginative and dull (in our opinion, despite agreeing with the sentiment). If you bought that simply based on the fact you dislike Boris, then you really should be buying this. We won’t be issuing a radio friendly version, because we are not fame hungry wannabes like that sad shower. This isn’t a song to cause headlines or shock. It’s a song born out of desperation and sadness for what the Eton Boys are doing to the country.

LISTEN! LOOK! REACT! It’s a song for NOW!

B-side ‘Jesus Wore A Bobble Hat’ is a true story about Jesus wearing a bobble hat.

Both songs recorded on cassette in an old school Lo-fidelity manner.

We at Louder Than War think this is disgusting. We cannot condone this sort of thing!

That video is bloody awful. A child could’ve made it.

The song is cool tho’.

Probably the best protest song released so far this year.

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