Amon Amarth at Steelhouse in Omaha, Nebraska on Friday, May 3, 2024. (Photo credit: Bob DeHart)


Rarely, does an artist return to a city less than a year later than the last time. Though Amon Amarth played her on one of their off-dates in August at the Admiral, they made Omaha a proper tour date. And they brought along the legendary death metal act, Cannibal Corpse. I was happy to see all the bands on the bill were taking donations in helping the aftermath of the tornado that went through the Elkhorn part of Omaha.

Frozen Soul from Dallas, Texas were the openers of the night. They, too, were here in town recently in November, so they were familiar with the Omaha crowd. The band was a solid opening act to kick off the festivities. Lead vocalist Chad Green screamed out to the audience in the pit, “Ring the Rosie, motherfuckers!” Which means to get a circle pit started. He also told the pit to do push-ups, which you don’t usually hear at metal shows. He also was having some fun with his microphone stand, which made for an entertaining watch. The future of death metal is in good hands with Frozen Soul. Check out their latest album, Glacial Domination.

The legendary Obituary from Tampa, FL was next on the bill. I’ve seen these before, so I knew what I was getting into. They had the Obituary logo projected on the ceiling, with Pat Travers’s “Snortin’ Whiskey” playing. Lead vocalist, John Tardy, also is a strong advocate of having a microphone stand. His stance is unlike any other vocalist, just a tall man screaming his ass off on stage. I also noticed him going up to the drum kit and helping his brother, drummer Donald Tardy, with some percussion, which was pretty cool. The riffage was strong and pit was on fire. Overall, it was another banger set from Obituary. Check out their latest album, Dying of Everything.

Direct support came from the one and only Cannibal Corpse. This was my first time seeing them live, another Florida death metal band. I’ve seen the clips and heard the music, but nothing can compare to seeing them live. Lead vocalist George Fisher aka Corpsegrinder is a beast of a human being. The vocal power that comes out of him is quite impressive. And then there is his signature hair windmill that he does. It defeats all laws of gravity. The band for the most part has had the same lineup, minus the lead guitar, since 1995, which is amazing for a band that plays this type of music constantly. Corpsegrinder had this funny speech about shooting blood from your cock that he gave before they performed “I Cum Blood”. He had an amazing sense of humor. They joked about playing their last song, asking the crowd if they wanted one more song, but he made fun of the crowd because they wanted more but were only allowed one more song. Honestly, one of the best live sets of the year I’ve seen so far. Check out their latest album, Chaos Horrific.

Finally, it was time for the return of Amon Amarth. In case you didn’t know, Amon Amarth is a band that has a ton of Viking imagery. And that is what they brought with them. From the inflatable statues to the giant helmet under the drum kit, they are Vikings and are not ashamed of it. Lead vocalist Johan Hegg should be talked about as one of the greatest metal frontmen. The man has a presence on stage that very few possess. Unfortunately, someone suffered a serious injury and the concert was paused for about twenty minutes. I hope that person is feeling better. Some songs were cut for time, but the show went on. The crowd was still rowdy, and they rowed to their heart’s content. The music was both melodic and heavy, a nice balance for the ears. I’m glad a band like Amon Amarth is versatile regarding playing at different-sized venues. They still make it feel like an arena show. I hope Steelhouse Omaha continues to book heavy metal bands because there is a passionate audience for it.

Amon Amarth

Cannibal Corpse


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