One of dubstep's most seminal producers is moving on from the genre with a decade of good memories.

In what has the looks of the end of an era, famed dubstep artist Flux Pavilion has announced that he is moving on from the genre.

The longtime dubstep tastemaker recently took to Twitter to announce that he is "no longer a dubstep person," sending ripples through his avid fanbase. In a follow-up tweet in response to a fan who asked about the impetus behind his departure, Flux Pavilion said that he simply doesn't find joy in writing dubstep at this juncture. "Ah I just don't really enjoy writing it anymore," he wrote. "I've spent 10 years exploring it and now it feels right to move on."

With iconic dubstep tracks such as "Bass Cannon" and the timeless "I Can't Stop," Flux Pavilion has long been championed as one of the genre's trailblazers. A virtuosic sound designer and bass architect rivaled by few, his contributions to dubstep remain incredibly influential after a decade of inspiring the next wave of bass music producers.

As he prepares to usher in a new era with the impending release of his highly anticipated sophomore album .wav, it seems Flux Pavilion has officially told his fans to read the tea leaves in terms of his sound moving forward. For a taste of what to expect, listen to .wav singles "You & I," "Sink Your Teeth In," and "I Believe."




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