HM PREMIERE: Dawnbreaker wakes souls with unblack barrage in ‘Torment of Anti-Christian Souls’

December 7, 2020 By David Stagg

Let’s kick Monday off right, shall we? Today, Dawnbreaker unleashes their new music video for “Torment of Anti-Christian Souls” from their current release, Vanquished Horrible Night. The song is a throwback to the classic symphonic black metal sound of the ’90s, and it is thematically set against the backdrop of a plague devastating the Earth – an allegory of COVID-19.

We spoke with vocalist and Dawnbreaker mastermind Cullen Toner about the track:

“The message of this song is simple: Don’t waste your pain. Jesus is the man of sorrow. He knows isolation, suffering, depression, and despair more than anyone else. He is for the lost and the broken, those who have already experienced hell on Earth. If your life has been full of misery, shame, disappointment, suffering, torment, then don’t let your eternity be more of the same. You are the one he seeks, and he foresaw every sin you have ever committed and still deemed you worth dying for.”

Dawnbreaker is currently signed to Vision of God Records.


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