HM PREMIERE: InRetrospect tackles real issues in new single, ‘Limerence’

June 10, 2021 By Nao Lewandowski

Today, HM is proud to premiere InRetrospect’s latest single, “Limerence.” With not-so-subtle flavors of djent and melodic metal, the UK-based band’s infectious riffs and soaring vocals crash together with bold and powerful lyrics to create harmonious noise that cuts deeper than the surface.

Their latest single embodies a twisted state of mind — tackling the harsh realities of toxic obsessive behavior and impulsive choices that exist in broken and destructive relationships. Crafted with extreme care and delivered with equal intensity, “Limerence” is meant to shock listeners into the ongoing conversation surrounding domestic abuse for both male and female survivors.

We spoke with guitarist James Bayliffe about the track:

“We wanted to write crushing rhythm sections that blended with Nathan’s clean vocals in such a way to demonstrate the ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ like behaviour we’re talking about in this track, and we believe we’ve achieved exactly what we’d set out to do with ‘Limerence’: condemning these malicious actions that go unheard of until it’s too late. It is a subject we stand behind with complete solidarity, not just within the band but everyone affected.”

If you dig the band, check them out on Facebook.

Editor’s note: Domestic violence is a serious issue that can impact people of any race, religion, age, gender, or socio-economic background. If you need help, know that you are not alone and you deserve peace. Please find support through the U.S. Domestic Violence Hotline or the UK Domestic Abuse Hotline.



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