Some of my favorite Dreamcatcher tracks meld the group’s rock sound with borderline-cheesy, stadium-ready melodies. Songs like Fly High and Over The Sky veer closer to “anthem territory” and bring the sense of drama I crave in a great rock track. New single BONVOYAGE harnesses a similar energy, even if its execution doesn’t quite find the killer hooks that would rank it among their best.

BONVOYAGE hinges on a dynamic arrangement that balances quiet balladry with explosive choruses. This approach can either be cathartic or lopsided, and I’m not sure how I feel about it here. The instrumental is interesting throughout and the the vocal performance is excellent, but I don’t find the melodies all that compelling. And when it comes down to it, melody will always be number one for me.

As a farewell to their years-long Apocalypse project, BONVOYAGE makes a suitable climax. At its best, the song delivers a sense of heft that feels momentous. I expect many will liken it to an anime ending theme, and the comparison isn’t unwarranted. Its second half is a vast improvement over the first, with a rousing finale that capitalizes on the track’s inherent theatricality. The last minute or so is worth the build-up, making BONVOYAGE quite replayable. I’m interested to see how it fares with time.


Grade: B

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