Jessi’s presence transforms any typical variety show into appointment TV. Her mix of fiery charisma and genuine, approachable sweetness feels so refreshing within an industry often known for its strict adherence to idol-like behavior. Watching Jessi terrorize the ultra-earnest TXT on her YouTube series is one of my personal K-pop highlights of 2021. Get her on all the shows, producers!

When this same energy is matched by a killer song, the result is spectacular. Jessi proves this with March’s fantastic What Type Of X – a resounding hip-hop track bolstered by surprising rock elements. With new single Cold Blooded, she’s back to more typical fare. That irresistible Jessi energy remains, but the song is more pedestrian.

I don’t believe that Jessi is cold-blooded at all, though a certain level of discipline and brashness is necessary to sustain a career as long as hers. However, she plays the part convincingly. Her vocal steamrolls the verses, offering a powerful testament to her dominance. She plays around with tone, ensuring that Cold Blooded never feels overly repetitive. And while the beat isn’t all that unique, its dull, mechanical throb makes for a head-nodding groove. However, the song could do with a less monotonous hook. The energy retreats here, replaced by a lockstep refrain that never builds toward a gripping high point. The floodgates open for Cold Blooded’s finale as the instrumental forges a whirlwind of chaotic energy. More of this intensity might have made the track truly pop.

Hooks 7
Production 8
Longevity 8
Bias 8


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