Though KARD are quite successful in various parts of the world, they’ve expressed a desire to cement their fanbase in Korea. As one of the industry’s only co-ed groups, they seem perfectly poised to fill a gap in the market. But after the many high points of their initial rollout, I’ve struggled to connect with their music.

Icky is the latest in a string of perfectly addictive grooves. KARD know their strengths, and the beat here is supple and single-minded. KARD’s performance is often as percussive as the instrumental, and that goes a long way toward selling the song. My head is nodding along, but Icky is let down by its repetitive hooks. There’s just too much “icky, icky, icky” for me. I find my attention straying as the track goes on.

Hooks 7
Production 8
Longevity 7
Bias 7

Grade: C


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