Most years, K-pop debuts are a huge source of inspiration, offering new energy and new ideas. 2022 has seen some notable debuts, but most have been cut from the same musical cloth. With the arrival of MLD Entertainment’s Lapillus, I’m more convinced than ever that the industry is simply devoid of musical innovation. Hit Ya plays like an A.I.-generated K-pop song, hitting so many awful tropes in one noisy package.

This is an incredibly young group, with one member only thirteen (!) years old. So as always, I want to make it clear that my thoughts on this song have nothing to do with my thoughts about the members themselves. You can’t blame a teenage K-pop idol for simply channeling the material their agency gives them, and Lapillus offer as fierce a performance as any group. But… my goodness, this song. I have no desire to listen to it again, but a thoughtful review requires multiple plays.

Over a clattering beat that incorporates gladiator-esque percussion, electric guitar and synth that sounds like whinnying horses, Lapillus shout and scream for three and a half minutes. There’s not really a point to this. Hit Ya barely feels like a song at all. There’s a surprising amount of empty space between the vocals, giving the arrangement a piecemeal effect that feels almost unintentional. Given that this is a debut, you’d think the agency would want to shine focus on the girls themselves. But, Hit Ya comes across as a producer showcase instead. Let’s observe a moment of silence for one of 2022’s most troublesome lyrics, keeping in mind that Lapillus’s youngest member is only thirteen:

“Gonna make you sweat, my hip is like a wagon.”

I mean…

Hooks 5
Production 7
Longevity 6
Bias 5


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