Upon the release of LE SSERAFIM’s most recent album, the track Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s Wife seemed to spark a lot of online discussion. So, I’m not surprised it’s been given a music video and follow-up promotions. While Unforgiven attacks with its central catchphrase, Eve maintains the stylish — almost monotone — air of the group’s debut Fearless. I prefer this sound from LE SSERAFIM, but I find Eve too one-note to really stand out.

In the comments section of Unforgiven‘s review, I made the following observation:

“I would compare LE SSERAFIM’s career so far to an ad in an upscale fashion magazine. It’s sleek and stylish and purports to be deep/meaningful. But, ultimately it’s designed to sell something that has little to do with the music.”

This sounds a bit judgmental, especially since this same approach is leveraged by so many K-pop acts of LE SSERAFIM’s generation. Style is important, and a good earworm is a good earworm — even if the full song doesn’t hit with as much lethality. Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s Wife casts a hypnotic 90’s-inspired groove, and the carnality of its energy is quite addicting. The texture of the group’s vocals only enhances this atmosphere. But, this genre has been well-trodden over the past few years and it takes a very special song to stand out. Eve is enjoyable all the way through. However, it lacks the peaks and valleys that color the most legendary dance tracks. Instead, much of the hook revolves around “get it like boom boom boom.” The lyrics are delivered with an effortless sense of runway-strut cool and the beat is bound to get your head nodding. For me, the song just doesn’t push far enough beyond its fashionable veneer.


Grade: B-

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