There have been a few small-agency debuts over the past day or two. My busy schedule – coupled with an indifferent opinion – has meant I haven’t covered any of these. But, I’d like to write about Luminous’s Run because I think the song is quite good. It’s straightforward and won’t likely set the industry on fire, but sometimes that’s all you want in a K-pop single.

Run is a hip-hop dance track with electro bass and trap influence. But, those familiar hi-hat rolls are integral to the character of the beat, not simply window dressing thrown over the top. This results in production that feels confident and clean. Even when the instrumental slows for the pre-chorus, enough connective tissue remains to pull these segments together. It’s refreshing to hear an arrangement this consistent, and this gives Run’s melodic hooks plenty of space to flourish.

As with most rookies, Luminous’s performance has a way to go. But, this style of track feels right for them. More importantly, it’s anchored by an addictive chorus. I often write about choruses that are cobbled together from disparate scraps of melody and superfluous chants. Run’s hook could have easily succumbed to this same issue. After all, the refrain isn’t overly melodic. But, the topline traces the contours of the groove and slots together in a funky structure that works very well. All that’s missing is a strong sense of Luminous’s own identity. Hopefully, that will come in time. For now, I’m surprised how enticing this debut is.

Hooks 9
Production 8
Longevity 8
Bias 8


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