Mimiirose chose a daring time to make their debut, right on the heels of much-hyped releases from BLACKPINK and NCT 127. Complicating things even further, they’ve opted for a “half video,” which cuts off after the first chorus. Who knew the Universe app would have such influence?

Seriously, I don’t get this tactic at all. The music video plays like an extended teaser rather than a proper debut. Do we have to go through some fandom ritual to see the second half? Thankfully, the full audio is available for fans eager to hear more. And coincidentally, the song becomes a bit weird right after that moment it cuts off in the video. We get a cool psytrance switch-up during the second verse, shifting energy but keeping things interesting.

More importantly, Rose works well all the way through. It’s got the badass delivery favored by so many newer girl groups, but it’s tethered to catchy melody and a great chorus. As far as debuts go, it reminds me of IVE’s Eleven – a comparison I’m sure Mimiiirose would love to hear! The beat has a propulsive drive that gives the song plenty of forward movement. The production has heft – especially during the chorus. There’s a fullness to the arrangement that makes Rose very satisfying. And, the group resist the urge to give in to trendy affectations, performing the track with confident vocals that match the excitement of the instrumental. Mimiirose may have debuted against intimidating competition, but Rose easily eclipses Shut Down and 2 Baddies to become this weekend’s K-pop winner.

Hooks 8
Production 9
Longevity 9
Bias 8


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