I never paid much attention to Secret Number until last year’s Got That Boom, which firmly planted itself on my playlist for over a month. That track was a great example of set-up and pay-off, with an explosive climax that made me want to hit ‘replay’ immediately after it had ended. For new single Fire Saturday (불토), the group sticks with an upbeat, club-ready atmosphere. But, the melodies feel blunted this time around.

In direct contrast to Got That Boom, Fire Saturday is the kind of song that kicks off well but falters as it goes on. I love the high-octane instrumental, particularly when driven by the trance synths that fuel the introduction. I’d be thrilled to hear more K-pop tracks pull from this energy rather than start and stop in fitful fashion.

Fire Saturday’s verses are a fun blend of vocals and rap, with the latter hitting harder. The group’s performance keeps excitement high, but I long for more specific and memorable melodies. That same criticism extends to the song’s chorus – a hodgepodge of hooks too generic to stick. At times, the melody and performance feel overly sharp, making a jarring match for the instrumental. It’s undercooked and oddly mixed, which isn’t unusual for small-agency comebacks. Secret Number are nailing the energy. They just need a stronger, more impactful song to drive it home. This has been a common struggle with recent K-pop attempts at retro electropop sounds. Their heart is in the right place, but the execution is lacking.

Hooks 7
Production 7
Longevity 8
Bias 8


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