Sometimes a song arrangement can make all the difference. Back in January, Darari was released on Treasure’s newest mini album. It was a fine – but forgettable – mid-tempo, casting a subdued groove that spotlighted the guys’ vocals. Now, a remixed rock version has been released as follow-up promotion. Suddenly, the song has my complete attention.

One of my biggest peeves about this current K-pop era is how slow and vibey many of the songs are. Either the entire track lopes along on hesitant percussion or we get one of those stop/start productions where a breathless build gives way to a dull drop. This remix of Darari brings the energy from start to finish. In this way, it reminds me more of early Seventeen than a typical YG group track. There’s a sharpness to the performance, keeping momentum high while making room for personality to poke through.

I love how the guitars become so prominent during the chorus. This driving beat makes a perfect centerpiece, unleashing a rollicking force. And when we hit that expected YG chant finale, it’s given new life thanks to the rock percussion. Most importantly, it sounds like Treasure are actually having fun. This isn’t another JIKJIN situation, where great verses plunge into a puffed-up-chest, cool-boy hook. It’s just blazing, youthful spirit all the way through. If I had my way, the melody would soar more often than it does, but the fact they were able to wring this much drama from an unassuming b-side is quite the feat.

Hooks 8
Production 9
Longevity 9
Bias 9


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